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Success Dynamics Group, Pix Jonasson, CEO - Event Services We'll Put Your Event In The Spotlight!

Success Dynamics Group has become known world-wide for our events, both for our own trainings as well as for our clients.  With our values focused on providing you with world-class services, our goal is to give you the red carpet treatment and to help you successfully put your event in the spotlight.  

Success Dynamics Group, Pix Jonasson, CEO - Event Services - Event Strategy

Success Dynamics Group, Pix Jonasson, CEO - Event Services - StrategyEvent Strategy

Do you want an event that packs the house?  An event that is highly regarded?  How about an event that is successful and puts your business on the map?!… Then you need to start with a strategy that ensures your success.  We know Events… we know how to strategically plan your event to not only meet your needs and over-deliver on your expectations, but more importantly to meet the needs of your audience and over-deliver on their expectations.  When your audience and attendees are happy, then you can be happy knowing you’ve had a successful event.

Event Strategy is much like strategic planning for your business but it is all about the Event… the purpose, the goals, the target market and all that goes into the details of bringing everything together successfully.  We’ll help you to create a successful, even profitable event if that is your desire, that takes into account all of the details before, during and after so your checklist is in place and you have a plan to take action on.  We’ll be happy to help you implement that plan with our Event Management services…

Success Dynamics Group, Pix Jonasson, CEO - Event Services - Event Management

Event Management
Success Dynamics Group is tops when it comes to event management…. you won’t have to worry about one detail or any possible snags under our watchful eyes when it comes to managing your event.  Our event management services include:

  • Venue Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Management Of Your Event – Before, During and After
  • Hotel and Staff Liaison and Coordination
  • Room Design and Set-up
  • Banquet and Food Planning and Coordination
  • Speaker and Entertainment Research, Selection, Coordination and Management
  • Event Debrief with Hotel and Staff
  • Accounting and Final Reporting


Success Dynamics Group, Pix Jonasson, CEO - Event Services - Media and Public Relations

Media and Public Relations
When it comes to getting the word out and putting your event in the spot-light we are your secret weapon "behind the curtain."  Success Dynamics Group offers extensive experience in working with the media and providing excellent public relations services to help you get that word out.  If you are looking to get noticed, get your event in the news,  fill your event and strategically get more opportunities from the event itself, then we are the answer to what you’ve been looking for and the solution to help you make it happen!

  • Online and Off-line Press Releases
  • Procurement for Interviews with TV, Radio and Print Publication
  • Newsworthy Article Creation and Print Coordination
  • Social Media For Your Event – Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more!

Success Dynamics Group, Pix Jonasson, CEO - Event Services - Event Promotion and Marketing

Event Promotion and Marketing

Everyone knows that the most difficult part of Event promotion and marketing is getting people to the event and filling the seats.  Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to event promotion and our strategies incorporate both traditional and non-traditional methods– like building relationships in advance, list building, creating a community and grass root efforts through networking.  When it comes to a successful event it is not about getting just anyone to attend your event but getting the bullseye… the cream of the crop, of your target market to attend.  That’s Success in its most Dynamic form!  Our promotion and marketing services include:

  • Event Website and Automated Registration
  • Auto-Responder Emails and Broadcast Emails
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Pre-Event Webinars and Teleseminars
  • Social Media Marketing
  • And more!…