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Success Dynamics Group conducts corporate events, seminars, webinars, trainings and bootcamps throughout the world.  Check out some of our upcoming events below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Success Dynamics Group, Pix Jonasson, CEO - Current Events, Seminars, Trainings and Bootcamps


Pix Jonasson, CEO of Success Dynamics Group and Simon Treselyan of Starfire Australia - Speak Up Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills

The power to communicate thoughts, ideas and concepts exactly as they are experienced is a uniquely human concept.  Accurate and effective communication can produce emotions and feelings and can also inspire and create action in others.  Without such communication our experience and ideas are lost.  Communication is not just verbal; we only obtain 14% of communication through the words that we use.  True effective communication derives from the skilled use of all the communicative faculties.  It is then that the full message an meaning can be transmitted for maximum impact.

Speak Up!  is a fully experiential course, run over 2 days, which explores the dynamics of all Presentation techniques, communication, including Body Language, NLP Skills and Persuasive Psychology.  This creates a useful tool for individuals who need presentation or lecturing skills. 



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